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Best friends forever


happy birthday, matsujun :D


Aiba Masaki  Sakurai Sho  non-no


Aiba Masaki  Sakurai Sho  non-no

Sakumiya a decade ago on Utaban


Matsujun’s smile is cute. Sometimes during variety I will see him erupt in laughter and I’ll think, ‘Ah, that’s really cute right now.’”

Jun is an honest person and frankly, what you see is what you get with him.”

 In the past, we took on roles in a stageplay where we played enemies. Every day, five minutes before the show in the wing next to the stage, we’d glare silently at each other to heighten our moods; it’s something I remember well even now. We were serious at the time, but if we do it now we’ll definitely end up laughing. Matsujun looks cool at first glance, but you’re gentle, someone who’s attentive to even the smallest details. ”

Matsujun is really hard working. His style too hasn’t changed since the old days. He always has a firm grasp on everything without a fail. And above all, he’s willing to challenge himself and try anything and that’s why he’s amazing. I can’t imitate him.”

OHNO SATOSHI on Matsumoto Jun

/2 days before the hard working youngest turn 31~


They remembered. How sweet.


So handsome and cute!! 


Arashi  Wink up


(Answering the question “What do you like about….?”)

P.S May the LOVE stays forever!

P.S 2 Post to celebrate Matsumoto Jun B-day (5/5)


On Local Hawaii news clip.


Ahhh. Sho-chan! So cute. ><

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