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Sakurai on ZIP! [08.25.2011]
Discography [2001-2014] - Arashi 13th Album “THE DIGITALIAN”


VS Arashi in Hawaii 2hrs SP will be aired on November 6th!


Kazu’s message is just like him, short, but sweet! *hides behind the rainbow to avoid brickbats haha*

Any guesses on who’s the other half of our rainbow twins yet?  Should be pretty obvious once you eliminate the possibilities. 😜😁😍

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Neens)


The picture was way-too-obviously Riida’s! Haha! 

Seems the common sentiment among the five is that they’ve never had such a long break / overseas vacation before!  So glad that their 5x10 wish to spend more time together came true! Can’t wait to see what their next wish is for 5x20! Heeheehee!

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Riida)


Argh… Trust Sho-kun to make it difficult to fit in all his pics and text within 10, so here’s the link to see the full rainbow.  And hence the mystery of our other rainbow twin. LOL.

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Sho-kun)


VS spot From Hawaii

Riida Ohno cry why????


And I realized that you are very precious presence to me.

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Enjoy the Enjoy that Jun posted!

Dolphins are my fav mammals! So glad Sho, Satoshi and Jun had fun with them! 😊😁👍

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Part of Jun-kun’s Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast message.

Why do I feel as if it’s:

"We used the helicopter to make it look like we were stopping off in Hawaii (having come from Japan) in the middle of our journey, then setting off (to the rest of the WORLD TOUR) again from there.”

I know, I know, my imagination has donned sneakers and is practising for the 100-metre sprint. 😂😂😂😂😂

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Matsujun)

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