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Near the end of the clip, Sho said that it has been a long time since the five of them get to spend time together this long and is grateful for it. =D


"Many fans flew over here from Japan, but also many people from Hawaii came to see us too.
I saw your channel’s coverage on us and one day we hope to come back again when “the storm” gets bigger.
I appreciated it very much for covering us on the show. Thank you.”


Sho-kun is Arashi’s pioneer. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to try on other careers like newscasting, rapping, etc. Matsujun is Arashi’s idea man. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to create the Johnny’s Moving Stage and to come up with all those amazing ideas for our concerts. Aiba-chan is Arashi’s sun, for without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to create miracles for our group. Nino is Arashi’s melody-maker. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to create those songs that our fans love.
                                                                                           (…and what about you?)

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I was happily watching the news coverage of Arashi Blast in Hawaii when Ohno’s one-hand flip just blew me away ★~(‿◕✿)

I can’t even do a proper normal cartwheel. I lost count of how many times I repeat the video to the point I just decided to take the shot and let the gif keep repeating the awesome moment 


2014 櫻井翔 アフラック CM Cuts



What an adorable puppies♥♥

This is my favorite GIFs I made *✪‿✪*


Arashi New JAL Ad (9/22/14)


Arashi New JAL Ad (9/22/14)


Arashi Blast in Hawaii 


Just Ohno doing a one handed cartwheel

Aiba and Nino doing regular cartwheel

and Sakumoto just dancing and then smiling when the other 3 completed the cartwheel. XD

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